Ellwood City Revitalization (ECR), is a  non-profit organization comprised of a group of collective citizens that have volunteered our time and talents because of our mutual love of the Ellwood City Region. The business district is the heart and soul of our community. We believe that by working as a community that our downtown can become a source of pride, sustain and grow the existing business and attract new opportunities for the future.

Our mission is to improve the look and functionality of Ellwood City’s downtown in order to attract more employment opportunities and people.

Our vision is to recognize the unique and varied economic and visual interests and needs of the downtown, its property owners and the community. We will achieve this by planning a coherent appearance to our downtown while maintaining our heritage. We will strive to become an excellent example of how private enterprise, working in cooperation with local government officials and policy makers, can build on existing assets to revitalize our downtown community.

Assisting us on our revitalization vision is the nationally recognized, Landscape/Architecture/Planning/Engineering firm, E.G. & G. from Akron, Ohio.  Since 1981 EG&G has helped over eighty communities “create” prime real estate locations in their downtowns through economic development and revitalization.

There is a link on the site if you wish to read more about this impressive firm. In the near future you will see EG&G representatives talking to business owners and the community to determine which direction we shall proceed to restore our downtown business district. As you will see, they want to help this community to put its best foot forward and dream big!

Why this project is important to the Ellwood City Region

  • Spurs Economic Development
  • Increases the local tax base
  • Creates Job opportunities
  • Stimulates housing
  • Draws investors
  • Rehabilitees empty building
  • Promotes civic pride