“City of Love” to Perform Saturday, July 14th at 7:00 pm in Ellwood City Community Plaza

The popular band “City Love Story,” (formerly known as Rising Regina) will be performing this Saturday in the Ellwood City Community Plaza at 7:00 pm.  Just coming off their recent performance at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival, they are sure to “wow” the crowd with a variety of musical styles.

“City Love Story is a five person ensemble with the type of blend that comes from years of cohesive experience. Their sound is as different as the individuals who create it; soft and subtle one moment, boisterous and powerful the next. The group reaches listeners through steady-handed song writing that moves the heart and the feet. Their music is a union between the stories that they are telling and the emotions to which we all can relate. With the impeccable blend between the five members City Love Story has the power to hit the listener hard, in all of the right places. The new self-titled album synergizes this energy and yet revels in the simple, authentic emotions that occur within human relationships.

The band consists of sisters Jessie Young and Kiki Young along with multi-instrumentalist Rich Kulbacki, percussionist Eric George, and bassist David Traugh. The vocal blend between Kiki, Jessie and Rich is just one reason that City Love Story stands out. Layering that with Jessie’s rhythmic guitar playing, Rich’s extensive technique, David’s attentive musicianship, Eric’s multi-genre vibrancy, and Kiki’s dynamic expression gives this group a gripping presence.”

Visit their website at http://www.wearecitylovestory.com/