Base Bid Awarded for Community Improvement Project

Ellwood City Council unanimously passed the motion to award the base bid for the Ellwood City Community Improvement Project to Combine Construction Inc. of Sharon, PA during a special meeting Monday evening in Borough Council chambers.

The improvement project calls for construction of the Community Plaza as well as improvements to Beaver Avenue and the Beaver Avenue parking lot. The awarded bid was approved in the amount of $1,749,929.02.

Lenore Bazzichi, president of Ellwood City Revitalization, was the first to step to a microphone and voice her appreciate for the support from council to date during this revitalization project.

“Thank you in advance,” Bazzichi said, “Thank you for the 4 years of support and continuing support.”


Back Row: Councilman Jones, Councilwoman Dici, Councilwoman Mancini, Mr. Teolis, Mrs. Fox, Mr. Ottaviani, Mrs. Stramba, Mr. Thalman, Mr. Bowser, Mr. Leymarie, Councilman Celli, Councilman Chiapetta, Mr. Barnes, and Councilman Todorich. FRONT: Mayor Tony Court, Councilman DeCarbo, Borough Manager Dom Viccari, and Lenore Bazzichi

Overall there were seven bids collected for the construction project and even though the bid was awarded to a company based outside of Ellwood City councilman Glenn Jones announced the project will continue to “use Ellwood labor as much as possible.”

None of the seven construction bids received were from Ellwood-based businesses.

Over the coming months a capital campaign will be sought to help raise money and pay for some of the deductions necessary for the project completion.

Ellwood City Council also approved deductions through a change order in the amount of $255,719.00 for the Improvement Project to Combine Construction Inc.

Combine Construction Inc. has been an established commercial construction company and contributor to the street and road construction industry since 1988. In 2006, Combine Construction helped Greenville, PA embark on a major renovation of their city streets. For more information on Combine Construction, please visit their website: