A letter of thanks for Light Up Night

Hello all,  my heart is full of Christmas Joy after Friday’s Light Up Night.  There were so many families and children of all ages down town having fun. It was a great pleasure to see the reason we did the Plaza and Stage at work..

Next year we will have the arches on the stage thanks to Sabre Tubular Structures, they are making them here in Ellwood City and donating them.( the arches will hold the lights for the stage ) .

We have the security cameras ( already up ) because of a gift from Shell Oil.

A big thank you goes out to Lisa Fox for wanting to see the light Up Night come back to our down town.  She asked some of  the ECR Stage committee and the Chamber to work together.They made it all  happen in a very short time.

The committee : Gary and Lisa Fox, Terri Stramba, Gary Jackson , John & Betty DeLoia, Mike Poff

Others to thank:  —- Mayor Tony Court – the MC, —  Dom Viccari and Mark Blue —- Borough Police —- Dakota Marshall-sound —Jamie Jones – Facebook —Hartman students-teacher Dee Ruckert — Holy Redeemer students – teacher Robyn Blythe — Lake Forest Gardens  – Christmas trees —Grinnen- tree stand Ryan Venezie – storage and building back up plan –  Keith and Eric Venezie for the ECR web site —- Nico Bellissimo- help decorating the Christmas tress with the school decorations —- Judi Dici- Lincoln art class window painting —- Patti Kuhn – decorations in the Plaza

There is still another surprise to come in the Plaza. That will be a thank you to Mary and Tim Post of T&M Hardware and Dan Franus who designed it and will be putting it up.

Ellwood City is full of wonderful, loving people that care !!

Lenore Bazzichi,
President of Ellwood City Revitalization.